Performance evaluation of a tri-generation system with simulation and experiment

Y. T. Ge*, S. A. Tassou, I. Chaer, N. Suguartha

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A test rig for a tri-generation system was set up in the laboratory to investigate the system performance and application feasibility. The rig was composed of three modules, a power component containing a microturbine, a refrigeration unit consisting of an absorption chiller with gas pipe connection, and a supermarket section containing a display cabinet. This system was supposed to be effectively applied into a supermarket energy control system where cooling, heating and electricity power are simultaneously required and subsequently, valuable test results have been produced. In the mean time, a simulation model for the particular tri-generation system has been established by integrating the component models of the system in accordance with the components' actual flow paths and energy streams. These component models, which include a compressor, recuperator, combustion chamber, gas turbine, electric generator, gas pipes, generator (desorber), rectifier, absorbers, condenser and evaporator etc., were developed based upon the balance of heat and mass. The calculations of heat transfer and phase equilibrium were included in the component models and chemical reaction balances were considered in the model of the combustion chamber. The system model has been validated with the test results and has consequently been used to predict the system performance at different operating and design conditions, such as varied ambient temperature, fuel flow rate and pressure ratio etc. The ultimate results of the performance analysis formulated by the system model can contribute significantly to the optimal component and system designs in various practical applications. Crown

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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 1 Ion 2009
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