Mihangel Morgan, Christopher Meredith

    Allbwn ymchwil: Cyfraniad at gyhoeddiad arbenigolAdolygiad Llyfr/Ffilm/Erthygl


    A literary translation into English from Welsh of five chapters from a central part of M. Morgan’s novel Pantglas (Llandysul: Gomer, 2011), set in 1880 in the imaginary village of Pantglas (‘green hollow’) at the moment when it’s about to be demolished to make way for a reservoir. Morgan conflates historical details from the story of Lake Efyrnwy in north Wales with the story of the now vanished village of Cwmtaf and the Llwyn Onn Reservoir in the south. Meredith’s translation attempts to convey the linguistic range of the source, from dialect to standard Welsh, in English terms. The extract is intended to spur interest in further translations into other languages using English as a bridge.
    Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
    Cyhoeddiad arbenigolWales Literature Review
    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 30 Maw 2012

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