Painting Humanity

Chris Morris (Cynhyrchydd)

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Research Context The research context for this project is one of hybridity in form and subverting the standard TV commissioning model. The work centres on The 2008 Artes Mundi 3 exhibition held at the National Museum and Art Galleries of Wales (Praxis theme) and the output was to be a television documentary (Praxis form) the exact nature of which would evolve through the process of making. Research Imperatives Morris’s film ‘Painting Humanity” consisted of portraits of the eight short-listed artists for the third Artes Mundi Prize - Roseangela Renno (Brazil), Susan Norrie (Australia), Adboulaye Konate (Mali), Dalziel & Scullion (Scotland), Mercia Cantor (Romania), Vasco Araujo (Portugal), Lida Abdul (Afghanistan) and the winning artist, NS Harsha (India). The process of creation of the film explored the themes that concerned the work of the shortlisted artists, namely: identity, citizenship, democracy and power, community, life/death and materiality.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 19 Mai 2008

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