Minority Ethnic needs in Wales - A snapshot

Roiyah Saltus, Kalbir Kaur-Mann

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    Over the past two decades, research has shown that factors such as 'race' and ethnicity, socio-economic status and geographic location impact on the level of access to information and treatment, as well as on the utilisation, experience and knowledge of mental health and social care provision. This paper by Roiyah SaltusBlackwood and Kalbir Kaur-Mann report on one aspect of a study to improve access to mental health information and care to targeted Black and minority ethnic (BME) groups living in an ethnically diverse city in Wales. The article presents the perceptions of the service users based on semi-structured interviews. The research literature used to develop the interview protocol was written largely in the context of England, not Wales. Drawing on this Wales- based study, the paper details the needs of BME service users that were highlighted, as well as outlining some specific issues facing those working in mental health in Wales
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    Cyhoeddiad arbenigolMental Health Nursing
    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2005

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