Mapping placement educators' conceptions of teaching

Clare Kell*, Linda Jones

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Objectives: This study sought to better understand the complexities of the placement learning environment and its possible influence on students' learning development. Specifically, the study maps placement educators' perceived conceptions of teaching and teaching in practice. Design and participants: All placement educators across Wales (n = 266) were invited to complete a demographic questionnaire, the Lecturers' Conception of Teaching and Learning questionnaire, and the Trainer Type Inventory via an anonymous postal route. Results: Responses from 141 placement educators enabled the respondents' inventory scores to be mapped across clinical disciplines, motivation for engaging with placement education and role perception. The results suggest that within a highly motivating and pastoral-care aware environment, undergraduate physiotherapy students are experiencing placement education that is predominantly underpinned by a knowledge transmission conception of teaching. Conclusion: These are changing times for placement education development and it is important for those involved in education to work together, within the placement and academic learning environments, to articulate and contribute to a common learning goal for undergraduate students.

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