With the discontinuation of the Count Me In census in England and Wales, there is a substantial gap in ethnic monitoring in Wales. None of the operational sources for mental health data in Wales collect data relating to ethnicity (Statistical Directorate, 2011). Although there are a number of limitations to utilising and analysing survey and ad- ministrative data as reliable sources of ethnicity data, the dearth of research on the mental health of people from minority ethnic backgrounds in Wales and on their experiences of mental healthcare provision needs to be addressed urgently.

Addressing the seemingly intractable problem of mental health inequities requires acknowledgement that there is more to ‘race’ than racism, and that mental health and care must be examined in the global context and from a range of positions (Singh and Burns, 2006). This paper outlines some of the key issues.
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CyfnodolynDiversity and Equality in Health and Care
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - Awst 2013

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