Localization of Exergy Destruction in Industrial Thermal Oil Heater

S. S. Wahid, M. Attalla, Mohamed MOHAMED, S. A. Ahmed, Ahmed Ali Abd El-Rahman

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Thermodynamic and technology parameters of green carbon anode manufacture should be optimized in order to decrease energy consumption. Exergy Efficiency or second law of thermodynamics determinates the degree of sophistication of the process. Its definition of system heat-using elements in green carbon anode manufacture allows revealing some units defined by considerable irreversibility. Exergy analysis allows accounting and identifying the destruction of Exergy through the green carbon anode plant elements.

Further than the aluminum industry has the highest Exergy efficiency in the total aluminum plant of 52.5%. Mean ambient environment temperature is also proposed as a tool for understanding the degree of quality of energy required in this industry and
consequently better quality matching which leads to better energy quality utilization. The purpose of this study is to assess the use of principal of availability of energy in Egyptian industrial sector. The Exergy analysis has been performed along with energy analysis, in order to gain deeper and more realistic understanding of the sector’s condition. The sources of energy degradation and the mechanisms which cause degradation of quality of energy have been identified. Moreover remedial actions for better utilization of availability of energy are proposed.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Rhif yr erthygl157306-1602-9191-IJMME-IJENS
Tudalennau (o-i)10-21
Nifer y tudalennau12
CyfnodolynInternational Journal of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering
Rhif cyhoeddi2
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 15 Ebr 2016

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