Key Issues in Marketing Education: The Marketing Educators' View

Monica Gibson-Sweet, Ross Brennan, Anne Foy, Jacqueline Lynch, Peter Rudolph

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    Purpose - the purpose of this paper is to report the views of UK marketing educators about critical issues in teaching and learning of university level marketing education and to compare these views with the views of other stakeholder groups.

    Design/methodology/approach - an online survey was administered to members of the UK Academy of Marketing: 51 completed usable questionnaires were returned.

    Findings - respondents believe that teaching international students, plagiarism and providing feedback to students are the three top priority issues in teaching and learning. Perhaps surprisingly, e-learning and the use of virtual learning environments are considered to be relatively low priority issues.

    Research limitations/implications - the low response rate is a limitation of the study. The study detected some interesting similarities and differences of opinion between marketing academics and deans of business schools between pre and post 1992 universities, between professors/readers and those in lecturing positions. Notably, the lack of agreement between marketing educators and deans over the importance of relating research to teaching (educators allocated this greater importance) and e-learning (deans allocated this greater importance) suggests areas for careful consideration in the development of teaching and learning policies.

    Originality/value - the paper is unique in examining the views of university level marketing educators about teaching and learning issues. University marketing educators are an important stakeholder in the marketing education process.
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    CyfnodolynMarketing Intelligence and Planning
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    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 1 Ebr 2010

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