It’s the journey not the destination; Personal Academic Coaching and Foundation Year Students

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Foundation Year students provide a snap shot of the experiences of all non-traditional learners in Higher Education. Of particular interest are the higher proportion of students with additional learning needs, which have often been non-diagnosed in the past, and their previous negative experiences of education. At the researchers’ home institution, Personal Academic Coaching or PAC is the mechanism for tutorials which has a number of features that are successful with Foundation Year students and their academic, social and emotional development. Goals and the actions required are chosen and developed by the students with the onus of the Foundation Year being the progression of independence, confidence, a sense of belonging and a collaborative approach. This is echoed in our teaching, learning and assessment throughout the academic year. Through different approaches, this development and transformative impact on students has been investigated and will be presented creatively with the most vital view of all; the students. It will theorise on the journey taken by Foundation Year students and aspects can be generalised to all new students embarking on Higher Education study.

It is anticipated that the subject specialism of the researchers will provide an in-depth and helpful interpretation of student needs and stories and offers an alternative (and possibly challenging) perspective for delegates to contemplate. Both coaching and attachment theories are reference points and will be offered as a 35 minute presentation followed by a question and answer session.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - Maw 2021

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