IT Adoption in Social Care: a study of the factors that mediate technology adoption

Abid Mohammed, Gareth White, Xiaojun Wang, Hin Kai Chan

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    Main Message
    Organisations within the social care sector are faced with demanding changes driven by the government’s agenda to modernise and an ageing population, requiring high quality and personalized services that are efficiency and cost effective, facilitated by complex organizational technology.

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    IT Adoption in Social Care

    Key Points
    Efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of social care provision need to be mindful of the peculiarities of the sector, in particular, the poor level of IT skills and abilities.

    Job specifications will require revision as technology is increasingly integrated with care workers’ current roles and responsibilities.

    Social care organisations that are able to develop and implement effective IT strategies may well be able to leverage a significant competitive advantage.
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    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 29 Mai 2018

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