Independent Review of Delayed Transfers of Care in Wales

Julia Magill, Anthony Beddow, Carolyn Wallace, Marcus Longley, Andrew Bellamy, Michelle Davies, Glyn Griffiths, Andrew Scowcroft, Morton Warner

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A. BACKGROUND What are Delayed Transfers of Care? 1.1 Delayed transfers of care (DToC) have been acknowledged as a major cause of concern in health and social care for some time. In the context of this Review, they arise when hospital patients no longer need to remain where they are, but cannot leave because either there is as yet no agreement about where they should go, or there is agreement, but a more appropriate care setting is not available. They are measured in terms of the numbers of patients delayed, and by the number of hospital bed days which they occupy. 1.2 A national database to monitor the extent of delayed transfers was introduced in Wales in April 2002, and continues (with modifications) to the present. Based on a monthly snap-shot census, it was designed to become a real-time reporting system to support local action to reduce delays, while also providing a reliable and consistent national picture of the problem. It also identifies the principal reasons for each delay, and is a key component in the overall performance management of both health and social services.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
CyhoeddwrUniversity of Glamorgan
Corff comisiynuWAG
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 1 Chwef 2008

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