Image Aesthetics at the Time of Digital Cinema: Round Table for Film Schools

Philip Cowan, Jean-Paul Jarry (Golygydd)

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Nowadays, cinema schools from all over the world have to cope with the disappearance of film, which has been the medium on which cinematographic pictures are etched. Now schools have to adapt themselves to digital technologies, the new medium making its way to the big screen. This change implies an important reshaping of the way of working with pictures, and subsequently of the way the profession is taught.

What place does post-production hold in comparison to the shooting itself nowadays? What are the consequences on the relationship between director and director of photography? What impact does it have on the way frame and lighting are taught? Is there any equivalent to the negative of film? Is it possible to preserve this original image all along the production line? Is there a way to organize the curriculums and works so that students can keep “control” of their creations? All these technical, aesthetical and educational questions will be tackled around the table which will be hosted by Jean-Paul Jarry, cinematography teacher at 3IS.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2013

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