Identifying Quality Indicators for Health Visiting Using Group Concept Mapping

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The Welsh Government Healthy Child Wales Programme supports parenting and healthy lifestyle choices through evidence-based NHS preventative early intervention measures, advice, and guidance for every child (0-7 years) in Wales. Health visitors deliver the programme across Wales. There are no established indicators to assess service quality or programme success. The aim was to generate health visitor consensus from across Wales on quality indicators for assessing health visiting.

Rapid review of health visiting quality indicators followed by Group Concept Mapping - a three-phase, integrated consensus mixed method using face-to-face workshop and online data collection. A purposive sample of 43 health visitors was recruited from across Wales.

Rapid review identified 49 quality indicator statements for UK health visiting, and home visiting/public health nursing internationally. These were categorised as: ‘child’, ‘parent/family’ and ‘health visiting service’. Following rapid review and the Group Concept Mapping brainstorming phase, 118 quality indicator statements were identified. In the Group Concept Mapping sorting phase, a quality indicator cluster map
was generated from the 118 statements giving 5 elements - ‘Child Outcomes’, ‘Compliance to Healthy Child Wales Programme’, ‘Health Visitor Management’, ‘Family Resilience’ and ‘Public Health Priorities’. In the Group Concept Mapping rating phase, 54 quality indicators were identified as most important and having most impact.

Reliability and validity mechanisms indicate a good relationship between data input, the similarity matrix, and distance between points on the map. This gives confidence that the results may be used to assess the quality of health visiting services in Wales.
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