This paper explores the role of Human Resource Management (HRM) in the context of Jordanian Higher Education. It aims at evaluating how HRM is applied in academic institutions and identifying the degree of its development from a paradigmatic perspective. This study is also concerned about revealing unexplored areas of research and research aspects that need further development in this context-related area of research. It is based on a systematic review of the literature with a content analysis on 18 peer-reviewed journals articles published between 2000 and 2018. The findings of this study reveal that HRM role in the targeted context is generally constructive and positive; yet traditional, operational, and underdeveloped in its application.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 4 Medi 2018
DigwyddiadBritish Academy of Management Conference 2018: Driving Productivity in Uncertain and Challenging Times - Bristol Business School, University of the West of England , Bristol, Y Deyrnas Unedig
Hyd: 3 Sep 20185 Sep 2018
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CynhadleddBritish Academy of Management Conference 2018
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