Historical and Contemporary Issues in European Youth Policy

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In this seminar, Professor Williamson will canvas 30 years of youth policy evolution and youth work development in Europe. Within this historical and contemporary analysis, special emphasis will be given to the emergence of the idea of 'youth policy' at a European (European Union and Council of Europe) level. Professor Williamson will provide a detailed account of the various stepping stones that have been established along the way, and some of the more critical perspectives on these developments that have been advanced in youth research; particularly the exacerbation of the youth divide despite the rhetoric of participation, rights and social inclusion. Professor Williamson brings to this seminar more than three decades of experience on European Youth Policy and practice.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 28 Maw 2018
DigwyddiadMelbourne School of Graduate Education - Youth Research Seminar - University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Awstralia
Hyd: 26 Maw 201826 Maw 2018


SeminarMelbourne School of Graduate Education - Youth Research Seminar

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