Genetics and Genomics Education of Primary Care Health Professionals in Britain (version 3.0)

Emma Tonkin, Maggie Kirk

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There is long‐standing acknowledgement that primary care has a pivotal role in ensuring patients benefit from the rapid advances in genetic science and technologies and subsequent emergence of genomic medicine as an integral part of mainstream healthcare. However, significant deficits in knowledge and skills in genetics and genomics have been found in primary care professionals, exacerbated by a lack of education guidelines and limited accessible resources. That picture is changing with new strategic initiatives such as England's Genomics Education Programme, built on a strong policy foundation and driving development of curriculum guidelines and learning resources. Although significant challenges remain, there is evidence of an evolution from justification of the incorporation of genetics and genomics into mainstream healthcare and education, to an exploration of the effectiveness of different educational approaches and their impact on practice. More recently, global leaders have been driving a growing interest in strategic, collaborative effort across healthcare.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2016

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