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This is a long 15 minute track that I was commissioned to compose for the dancer Gabriella Daris. It consists of eight distinct themes, all of which are related to pain and suffering. They can be concisely described as follows. Section 1: (The medative section) Awakening. At one with the world. The Beauty of life. Section 2: (Standing) Becoming aware. Is everything ok? Who is the middle aged man? Section 3: (Well that’s strange) – Transformation – Realisation (as the man approaches) Section 4 : (After the repeated word “standing”). Memories/Past 1. Section 5: (After the Childs voice). Memories/Past 2. Section 6: (Why do I have to suffer?). The statement ‘why do I have to suffer’ represents the childlike voices of victim(s), and those they have left behind (not forgotten). Both voices are speaking to each other, but are also individual cries for help. Section 7: (The orchestral percussion section). We are now back in the shocking reality of the present – the percussion sounds representing the kinetic movement of physical blows/stabbing actions. Section 8: The gradual emergence and awareness of a (soon to be eliminated) heartbeat.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Cyfrwng allbwnAr-lein
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 30 Ebr 2007
Digwyddiad Piaculum. Improvisation Continuums: theorising practice across disciplines - Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries
Hyd: 1 Ebr 20071 Ebr 2007

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