Enhancing Learning Impact: how do we make the most of our information senses?

Jo Smedley

    Allbwn ymchwil: Cyfraniad at gyfnodolynErthygladolygiad gan gymheiriaid


    This paper discusses the importance of effectively using senses in sharing information and managing the opportunities they individually and collaboratively. It considers how information is best portrayed by each sense, individually and collaboratively and considers how information takes account of senses to ensure that information engagement is maximised through its entertainment and education value. As the value and importance of information continues to grow, so will the urgency of information engagement and ensuring that its portrayal is appropriate, effective and efficient through a variety of sensory approaches – whether individual or collaborative. One sensory size does not fit all. It is important that the dimensions and flexibility of information are reflected to ensure that it can adapt to suit various audiences. These flexible approaches will ensure that learner engagement is maximised. All information methods are of equal value. By ensuring that learners are able to access the information method that is most appropriate to them, then learning potential can be maximised. There is a growing urgency to move away from a status quo information approach and thereby enhance variety and enable potential. Information is power. Each person is unique. How they learn combines these two qualities. A flexible approach to information engagement will encourage and enable information and learning sharing to maximise achievement and contribute to ongoing information entrepreneurship, resilience and sustainability.
    Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
    Tudalennau (o-i)142-144
    CyfnodolynInformation and Learning Science
    Rhif cyhoeddi3/4
    Dynodwyr Gwrthrych Digidol (DOIs)
    StatwsWedi’i dderbyn/Yn y wasg - 1 Ebr 2018

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