eMolecules and spectroscopy

A. N. Davies*

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    Web-based search engine, eMolecules™, and the linked systems have been investigated to retrieve the information on spectroscopic data. eMolecules™ is the leading open-access chemistry search engine, which discovers, curates, and indexes all of the public chemical information in the world and makes it available to the public for free. The system comprises a list of linked systems accessible from the eMolecules search result pages, which is dominated by over 150 of the biggest chemistry manufacturers providing their data to the search engine. eMolecules™ has also launched a new web-based search engine called Chmoogle in November 2005 that provides NMR spectroscopy services by switching to nmr.emolecules.com. The users of ACD/labs ChemSketch software can access to a feature that allows them to search directly on the eMolecules site from ChemSketch.

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    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - Chwef 2007

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