Electronic-magnetic gearing motor analyses and simulations for electric vehicles

Xiao Guo, G-P Liu, Nabeel Shirazee, Jonathan Williams

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This study presents an innovative electronic-magnetic geared motor technology for electric vehicles (EVs). The motor has been designed and simulated. The electronic-magnetic gearing (EMG) connects parallel, series or hybrid connections of stator windings into gears to accommodate the different speed and torque demands in the drive cycle. The objective of the EMG is to increase the speed and torque range of the motor and reduce current draw from the batteries. A 1.5 kW prototype EMG motor was built and tested on a test rig at Electronica Products Ltd. A comparison simulation of an EMG motor compared with a traditional permanent magnet synchronous motor was also carried out. The result proves that the theory of EMG is sound and it has great potential for energy efficiency in EVs, especially for the powertrain units.

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CyfnodolynIET Electrical Systems in Transportation
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 24 Mai 2018

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