Deviant Chores

Inga Burrows (Ffotograffydd)

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Deviant Chores is a series of video performance works created with the ethnographic filmmaker, Dr. Aparna Sharma (UCLA). It aims to collapse the roles of performer/filmmaker in order to bring the camera into our own domestic spaces and thence mischeviously and irreverently to situate it within the domestic landscape so as to rupture the normative functionality/ies associated with domesticity. We initially explored these ideas in a co-authored conference paper, ‘Standing Still and other Questions about the Female Body Within the Frame’ at Radical British Screens Symposium, UWE, Sept 2010. Women artists and filmmakers have activated domestic space as a site for the performance of personal narratives and embodied experiences. The impulse we share to mock the objectifying gaze has been explored extensively in the performance work of Bobby Baker. Baker exaggerates the world of household maintenance in her ambiguous acts. As Catherine Mclean-Hopkins states ‘seemingly grounded in the mundane world of the domestic yet carries a political intent that takes them (Bakers performances) beyond the limited identities of gender, class or nationality’ (‘Repertories of the Self: Autobiographical Aspects of Bobby Baker’s performance works’ Seminar East London University, April 2005) Our research asks how might the confines, restrictions, rhythms and routines of the domestic environment present opportunities to develop alternative screen subjectivity that contest and exceed representations of the female form on screen? Our method of answering this question entails collapsing and merging our role as performer and cameraperson. The simultaneity in our investigations is doubly inscribed given that we both conduct our performances and camerawork to mutually agreed directives and with an awareness of each other as the first audience for work whose response to the work will catalyse the investigation further. Other Relevant Details: Wunderland2 :Initiated by the Women’s Art Association Wunderland was one of a series of satellite exhibitions held in and around Cardiff to mark the centenary of International Women’s Day in 2011Selection panel: Jacqueline Alkema – Artist and Vice Chair of the WAA, Jessica Mathews – Artist and Co-ordinator of the exhibition,Helene Roberts – Artist and Co-ordinator of the exhibition,,Kim Fielding – Artist & Curator / Art Direction @ tactileBOSCH Gallery National Eisteddfod Visual Arts Pavilion presents a survey of visual art practice by Welsh based artists. The work selected by a panel of curators form leading British Arts Institutions and artists prominent in the field of visual arts.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Cyfrwng allbwnDVD
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 9 Maw 2012

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