Designing Wearables: A Brief Discussion

Richard Hurford, Adam Martin, Jane McCann

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    This paper has been used to highlight our thought on some of the issues that are to be raised at the Design Workshop. Including brief discussion on; how design fits into wearable computing, how evaluations of design contributions can be made, guidance for designers and submissions, interdisciplinary working practices and their usefulness to wearable computing, and of design issues
    applicable to wearable computing.

    Our views are formed as designers and therefore will provide a insight for the traditional ‘non-designer’ wearable computing community. We hope that this paper will encourage further in depth discussion.

    This paper is intended to contribute towards establishing a valid set of recommendations, which will be used to drive the issues and implementation of design within the wearable computing community.
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    TeitlThe Role of Design in Wearable Computing
    Is-deitl A workshop held in conjunction with ISWC 2007
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    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2007
    DigwyddiadThe Role of Design in Wearable Computing : A workshop held in conjunction with ISWC 2007 - Boston, Yr Unol Daleithiau
    Hyd: 13 Hyd 200713 Hyd 2007


    CynhadleddThe Role of Design in Wearable Computing
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