Design and Implementation of Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Kary Thanapalan, Jonathan Williams, Giuliano Premier, Alan Guwy

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In this paper, a systematic approach for investigating a hydrogen fuel cell hybrid vehicle system is considered. This approach involves developing a mathematical model incorporating renewable hydrogen production, storage and refuelling of the fuel cell vehicle system. The University of Glamorgan’s (UOG) Sustainable Environment Research Centre (SERC) have developed the UK’s first alternative energy refuelling facility at the University’s Hydrogen Centre in Baglan. Hydrogen produced from renewable energy on-site will be use to refuel the UOG, Faculty of Advanced Technology, Hydrogen Bus (UOGHB). The simulation model is used to analyse the effect of operating conditions and energy demand of the UOGHB. Comparisons are made between the simulation results from the mathematical model and UOGHB experimental data. A general agreement exists but where disagreements and anomalies occur, reasoned arguments are presented in explanation. The model represents a reasonable overall representation of the UOGHB. This model can be used for controller development, to improve operational quality and performances.
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Tudalennau (o-i)272-277
CyfnodolynRenewable Energy and Power Quality Journal (REandPQJ)
Rhif cyhoeddi9
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 12 Mai 2011

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