Defining Global Minimum Nursing Competencies in Genomics

Emma Tonkin, Kathleen A. Calzone, Christine Patch, Laurie Badzek, Andrew Dwyer, Sarah Dewell

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PURPOSE: Genomics is relevant across the lifespan and in all areas of healthcare, and has the potential to improve health outcomes. Delivering safe and effective genomic-based healthcare requires competent practitioners. Nursing competencies in genomics have been developed in a small number of countries. However nursing role and status; health service configuration; scope and availability of genomic healthcare; and societal and ethical values vary significantly within and between countries.
This work seeks to define the minimum competencies in genomics required by all nurses irrespective of professional role, academic preparation, country, healthcare system or population served.
DESIGN: Participatory mixed-methods study combining qualitative group processes and multivariate statistical analysis. Beginning around August 2020 geographically diverse participants will be recruited from across nursing including general practice, non-genomic and genomic specialty practice, and education.
METHODS: Group Concept Mapping (GCM) methodology will be delivered through the groupwisdomTM online platform. Participants independently and asynchronously generate responses to a ‘focused prompt’ on nursing and genomics. Responses are then ‘cleaned’ to ensure only one idea per statement. Each participant then sorts all statements into categories of their own choosing and separately rates each statement based on project specific criteria. Data are then aggregated, analysed and interpreted to create conceptual clusters depicting participants’ combined thinking.
RESULTS: Recruitment and progress will be influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and individual’s capacity to participate. Findings to date will be presented.
CONCLUSIONS: Global minimum competencies will provide a starting point for countries to develop their nursing workforce without the need to duplicate effort or expend resources developing country-specific competencies.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - Tach 2020
DigwyddiadInternational Society of Nurses in Genetics : "Genomic Nursing: Fulfilling Nightingale’s Legacy of Care" - Virtual
Hyd: 13 Tach 202015 Tach 2020


CynhadleddInternational Society of Nurses in Genetics
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