Cybercrime, Public-Private Partnership and Europol

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This chapter aims to outline some of the key terms and factors why public-private partnerships (P3) are necessary to tackle cybercrime, and, when and how Europol engaged with different P3 in this context. The chapter starts with the definition of cybercrime and P3. It continues by explaining the main factors of why P3 is needed and what the barriers to overcome for an effective P3 are. In the final section, the historical background of Europol’s P3 engagement is summarised to understand the progress that paved the way for the adaption of sharing economy as a new cybersecurity governance model.
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TeitlThe Sharing Economy for Tackling Cybercrime
CyhoeddwrSpringer Nature
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ISBN (Electronig)978-3-031-20274-2
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EnwAdvanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications
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