Cross-Layer Resource Allocation for Multihop V2X Communications

Yanhua He*, Liangrui Tang, Yun Ren, Jonathan Rodriguez, Shahid Mumtaz

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Inspired by the increasingly mature vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technology, we propose a multihop V2X downlink transmission system to improve users' quality of experience (QoE) in hot spots. Specifically, we develop a cross-layer resource allocation algorithm to optimize the long-term system performance while guaranteeing the stability of data queues. Lyapunov optimization is employed to transform the long-term optimization problem into a series of instantaneous subproblems, which involves the joint optimization of rate control, power allocation, and mobile relay selection at each time slot. On one hand, the optimization of rate control is decoupled and carried out independently. On the other hand, a low-complexity pricing-based stable matching algorithm is proposed to solve the joint power allocation and mobile relay selection problem. Finally, simulation results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can achieve superior performance and simultaneously guarantee queue stability.

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Rhif yr erthygl5864657
Nifer y tudalennau16
CyfnodolynWireless Communications and Mobile Computing
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 12 Chwef 2019

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