Creating A Film & TV Budget

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Having an accurate budget that shows the feasibility of your project is the cornerstone of every film production.

Whether you are a new producer, a line producer or production manager, this book is designed for anyone setting out to create a budget for the first time. As you build your career in film and television, it will guide you in developing your budgeting skills on further projects.

This guide covers the practice of building a budget – either from scratch or with a budget template, noting common budgeting terminology and how budget levels are estimated with regard to what is allowed in your budgets. In addition, it includes ratios or percentages of budget allocation to consider when creating your first budget.

The principles of budgeting covered in this guide apply to fiction, experimental, documentary and reality projects. Whether your project is a short film or a feature-length movie, a TV show, large or small, this book will give you the tools you need to get started.
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