Conditional Cautions: An examination of the early implementation of the scheme

Laura Blakeborough, Harriet Pierpoint, Trevor Bennett, Mike Maguire, Cynthia Pinto, Louise Hall, Susie Wreford, Dominic Smith

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    The conditional caution was introduced through the Criminal Justice Act 2003 as an alternative disposal to a charge for certain either way or summary offences, and as a means of tackling low-level offending behaviour quickly and effectively outside court where appropriate. This report presents the findings from an examination of the conditional cautioning scheme in 13 Basic Command Units (BCUs) across six police force areas. The purpose of the study was to provide evidence to help inform the national roll out of the disposal. The early implementation areas started at various times between December 2004 and July 2005 and the study period ended in November 2005.

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    CyhoeddwrMinistry of Justice
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    ISBN (Electronig)978 1 84099 129 1
    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2007

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    CyhoeddwrMinistry of Justice

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