Conceptualising a New Stage Model of Electronic Business Adoption in Yemeni SMEs

Ahmed Abdullah, Gareth White, Brychan Thomas

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This paper aims to provide a new conceptual model to critically evaluate the adoption of e-business activities as well as the factors that affect adoption in Yemeni SMEs. The research employs a mixed method case approach. The study integrates different methods in order to facilitate a deep understanding of the adoption level of e-business in SMEs in Yemen. The research updated the questionnaire and is currently in the stage of collecting data from SMEs in Yemen and has used the model developed as a theoretical lens to assess adoption level. In terms of empirical contribution, the study could be considered to be a unique study in the field of e-business adoption in Yemeni SMEs. This is because, by reflecting on the literature review, it is clear that empirical studies into e-business adoption in SMEs remain rare in developing countries. This is especially so in Middle East countries and Yemen. In addition, most previous studies focus on a broad and generic view of e-business adoption in SMEs. This study was conducted in a cross-country context; it considered SMEs’ adoption of e-business from the perspective of the level of adoption. Therefore, it makes an original theoretical contribution towards the current body of knowledge on the adoption of e-business through the identification of SMEs’ adoption levels of e-business; their impacts on e-business adoption; and the significant factors, which influence adoption level of e-business in Yemeni SMEs. In addition, this study will investigate the barriers and drivers as factors affecting e-business in SMEs and focuses largely on the factors affecting levels; this is a new contribution to the extant literature. The results of the pilot study indicate factors that deter Yemeni SMEs from the adoption of e-business and indicate factors that have driven them towards this. The research has developed an e-business evolution model that might be the key to adapting e-business in Yemen.

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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2016
DigwyddiadISBE Conference 2016 - Paris, Ffrainc
Hyd: 1 Meh 20162 Meh 2016


CynhadleddISBE Conference 2016

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