China’s Maritime Expansion: An Emerging Security Dilemma?

Scott Romaniuk, Amparo Pamela Fabe, Christian Kaunert

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Recent satellite imagery released by the United States (US) satellite imagery company BlackSky depicting the Ream Naval Base in Cambodia, which is funded by China, has garnered significant attention from the US government. The construction of the naval base in Sihanoukville, situated on the Gulf of Thailand, was previously regarded as a mythical notion. Nevertheless, reports based on satellite imagery have the potential to offer compelling evidence suggesting that China’s naval base is nearing completion. Nevertheless, China’s pursuit of establishing additional bases is not limited to this specific case. Based on an assessment made by the US-based research institute, AidData, authored by Alex Wooley, Sheng Zhang, Rory Fedorochko, and Sarina Patterson, Hambantota in Sri Lanka, Bata in Equatorial Guinea, and Gwadar in Pakistan are the three most likely locations for a Chinese naval base to be established between 2025 and 2030.
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Cyhoeddiad arbenigolGeopolitical Monitor
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 24 Awst 2023

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