Care Planning in Older Persons' Mental Health Services: Staffs' Experiences of Completing Care and Treatment Plans (CTPs)

Anne Fothergill

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The background to this study was the Mental Health Measure and the Care and Treatment Plans (CTPs) (WG 2010) and key reports i.e. Francis (2013) and Andrews (2014).
The aim of the study was to ascertain how the spiritual needs of patients living with Dementia are addressed within the CTPs in three Health Boards (HB) in Wales.
Sampling methods
Staff/care coordinators were purposively recruited to two focus groups. A total of 11 staff attended the focus groups.
This qualitative research was conducted from January 2016 – December 2016. The study was ethically approved by University ethics’ committee, IRAS and all three HBs.
Focus groups were held on the research sites.
Analytical approach
Data from the focus groups was thematically analysed – themes that had emerged from the written CTP were validated by staff.
Main findings
The CTP comprises eight domains. Staff considered all the eight domains to be important, but that not all are completed. Staff interpreted the domains differently and there were differences in how the CTP was completed in the community and the hospital settings. Staff felt that there was more time to develop a relationship with patients in the community and thus to complete the CTP. Staff agreed that of all the eight domains Domain 7 (Social, Cultural, Spiritual) was the least completed.
Staff are increasingly being asked to develop new practices and to advance the delivery of mental health care. Wales made the CTP a legal requirement. Insight into how staff view the CTP i.e. whether it enhances care delivered and promotes a person-centred approach to caring for older persons was part of this study. The innovative CTP has facilitated advances in Mental Health care in Wales.
This paper contributes to research into care planning in older persons’ mental health services. Findings from the focus groups confirmed our previous analysis of the written CTP. The CTP is a legal document but may not be an effective one unless all eight domains are thoroughly completed to document individualised, person-centred mental health care. Staff agreed training would be helpful in completing the CTP, especially Domain 7.

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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 13 Medi 2018
Digwyddiad24th International Mental Health Nursing Research (MHNR) Conference 2018: Place, Purpose and Politics: Re-imaging Mental Health Care - Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester, Y Deyrnas Unedig
Hyd: 13 Medi 201814 Medi 2018


Cynhadledd24th International Mental Health Nursing Research (MHNR) Conference 2018
Gwlad/TiriogaethY Deyrnas Unedig

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