Biogenic CO2 from the Biogas Industry

Anthony Lorin, Dominique Héleine, James McGreer, Jean-Baptiste Arminjon, Giulia Laura Cancian, Lars-Evert Karlsson, Marina Pasteris, Niels Grave, Rik Timmermans, Rodrigo Rivera Tinoco, S R Esteves, Stefano Lillia, Tatiana Demeusy

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Considering the need for urgent action to mitigate climate change, a reduction of carbon emissions must be complemented with options for greenhouse gas removal. While displacing fossil fuel utilisation, the biogas and biomethane sector can provide biogenic CO2 streams that may be used in other sectors or to permanently capture and deliver negative emissions.

This white paper explores the climate impact of biogenic CO2 use or storage, the main utilisation avenues and perspective markets opportunities. While detailing current CO2 requirements, the paper underlines current obstacles to and opportunities for the further take-up of BIO-CCS and Bio-CCU solutions, summarises best cases, and concludes with a set of policy recommendations to define a suitable legislative framework for the further deployment of BIO-CCUS solutions, necessary to meeting Europe’s mid-century
climate neutrality target.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Man cyhoeddiBrussels, Belgium
CyhoeddwrEuropean Biogas Association
Nifer y tudalennau40
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - Medi 2022

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