Appropriate AI staff training and understanding of relevant technologies

Annie Mccartney, Shane Galvin

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    Appropriate AI staff training and understanding of relevant technologies.  (NEW TARGETED AI/ TECHNOLOGY FOCUS ) 
    There is a pressing need to demonstrate how classroom delivery is relevant to an ever-changing workplace where digital technologies are being rolled out at pace to ensure projects are to time, budget, and quality across different sectors.
    In June 2021 a new European Report calls for higher education to, "...implement paradigmatic change in content and delivery of curricula and collaborate with the growing discourse of industry 4.0. Our graduates still need subject expertise but also a capacity to address problems across disciplines and contexts; they need to be enabled to upskill and reskill over a lifetime; and they need to be global citizens, accepting a responsibility for the common good." 
    Keeping up to speed with these industry changes and ensuring content and delivery is contemporary means staff must equally adapt their skill set to equip students for Industry 4.0 and beyond. This presentation will focus on the team in the Built Environment (which delivers an interdisciplinary curriculum ) and how staff are preparing to be 'skills ready' (particular focus AI and construction industry technologies) and develop confidence in applying their teaching and preparing graduates for an indeterminate 4.0 construction workplace.
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    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 6 Gorff 2021

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