An Introduction to Precision Teaching in Practice

Aoife McTiernan, Clare McDowell

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    Precision Teaching (PT) focuses on building skills to fluency and using a precise, data tracking system (the Standard Celeration Chart-SCC) that allows timely, informed educational decision making. PT literature reports that learners are more likely to retain and generalise skills taught to fluent rates of responding. This workshop will introduce participants to the basic principles and procedures of Precision Teaching, fluency-based instruction and the SCC. The use of Precision Teaching and the SCC as a data collection and decision-making tool that can be introduced to any educational programme will be demonstrated. In addition, the importance of using a clear data tracking system to ensure quality in the teaching process will be emphasized. Implications of focusing on fluency rather than accuracy only will be discussed with particular importance for educational outcomes. Participants will also be introduced to some more advanced aspects of Precision Teaching such as interpreting and making educational decisions based on ‘learning pictures’.
    Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 27 Ebrill 2018
    DigwyddiadThe Twelfth Annual Conference of the PSI Division of Behaviour Analysis - The Galway Bay Hotel, Galway, Iwerddon
    Hyd: 27 Ebrill 201828 Ebrill 2018
    Rhif y gynhadledd: 12th


    CynhadleddThe Twelfth Annual Conference of the PSI Division of Behaviour Analysis

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