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This paper explores the role of ‘periodisations’ in the development of HRM in the Latvian public sector and consists of a series of ‘elite interviews’ with leading ‘actors’ identifying further ‘periodisations’ which are ‘mapped’ in an evolutionary framework. Immediately following independence in 1990 was a ‘void’ period being a time of turmoil. ‘Transition’ period followed from mid-1990 characterised by up-skilling and the emergence of awareness of HRM. The ‘Emergence’ period began circa 2008 with more consideration of its role and importance of acquisition of skills related to HRM previously transactional in nature. The ‘emergence’ period has great significance in modern developments of HRM in the Latvian Public Sector. The elite interview methodological approach does however have some limitations for generalisability and future quantitative validation may be required. This knowledge informs and enhances understanding of Post-Soviet behavioural factors and residual cultural effects offering a framework for future research.
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CyfnodolynEconomic and Industrial Democracy
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 25 Ebr 2018

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