All Wales Baseline Study of Procurement Competency in relation to spend

Gareth White, Scott Parfitt

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    Value Wales commissioned this study to review the level of procurement competency in the Welsh public sector in the context of the spend per organisation. The objectives of this study are
    • To review existing literature including reports policies, tools and guidance in relation to practice in Wales and any relevant case studies from elsewhere in the UK and abroad.

    • To consider the implications of Directive 2014/24/EU and Public Contracts Regulations 2015 that came into force on the 26th February 2015.

    • To analyse the experience gained and lessons learned from the Home Grown Talent project.

    • To identify challenges, successes and best practice from experiences to date and the results of the Procurement Fitness Check programme.

    • To consider the procurement implications of emerging legislation, policy and guidance such as the Well-being of Future Generations Act, The Tackling Poverty Action Plan and the Modern Day Slavery Act.

    • To consider how the commitments in the Wales Procurement Policy statement can be addressed including the references to “Licence to Practice” and the use of a competency framework and CIPS global standards to assess procurement competency across the public sector.

    • To make recommendations on training, development, recruitment and retention.
    Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
    CyhoeddwrWelsh Government
    Corff comisiynuEuropean Social Fund
    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2016

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