Aesthetic Elements of the Cinematographic Image

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A number of writers have attempted to list separate elements of film form across a number of filmmaking processes, narration, cinematography, sound, editing, or general aspects of mise-en-scène. My emphasis is on the cinematographic image itself, and whilst there are many similarities in the previous attempts to breakdown elements of a cinematographic image, there are gaps and omissions in the previous lists, and there are also comparable differences, particularly with terminology. A number of the earlier examples need updating, partly due to changing technologies. By synthesizing, editing and updating the numerous attempts that have been made by other writers I will create an objective, and complete taxonomy of aesthetic elements of the cinematographic image. My aim is to provide a comprehensive, yet workable, analytical tool.
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CyfnodolynThe Cinematography in Progress Journal
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 22 Tach 2019

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