A Wide-Angle Pattern Diversity Antenna System for mmWave 5G Mobile Terminals

Karthikeya Gulur Sadananda, Issa Elfergani*, Chemseddine Zebiri, Jonathan Rodriguez, Shiban Kishen Koul, Raed A. Abd-Alhameed

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A shared ground shared radiator with wide angular coverage for mmWave 5G smartphones is proposed in this paper. A four-element corporate-fed array with conventional impedance matched power divider is designed. Stepped impedance transformers are integrated with the corner most elements to achieve pattern diversity with wide angular coverage without significant compromise in gain. The proposed three-port shared radiator conformal commercial antenna could be easily integrated with commercial mmWave 5G smartphones. All the three ports’ excitations operate in the 28 GHz band. Radiation pattern bandwidth of the multi-port system is high. The gain variation is from 6 to 11 dBi amongst the ports and across the operating spectrum. The highest mutual coupling is 10 dB, in spite of the electrically connected structure. The proposed shared radiator element has a wide angular coverage of 100, maintaining high front-to-back ratio when the respective port is excited. Simulation and measurement results for the proposed structure are illustrated in detail.

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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 14 Chwef 2022
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