A systematic review of the use of the concept family resilience in interventions with families with children and young people

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To review the evidence on using family resilience as a concept in interventions by public health nurses/health visitors with families with children and young people as part of an evaluation of the evidence base for the Family Resilience Assessment Instrument and Tool (FRAIT). FRAIT was developed by University faculty with Health Visitors and a Community of Practice in Wales, and is used by Health Visitors in Wales with families with children under 5 years to assess family resilience.

A standard Cochrane Systematic Review methodology was used to review published literature. A protocol (crd.york.ac.uk/PROSPERO/display_record.php?RecordID = 230845) was submitted to Prospero in September 2021, and reviewing began in January 2022. Title and abstract searching were undertaken 12 databases and results were captured using PRISMA and Excel spreadsheet. Second reviewers reviewed title and abstract screening, and full-text extraction.

Initial title screening brought back 1350 papers across 12 databases. Titles and abstract screening reduced these to 106, 44 papers were considered for full-text extraction, with 25 papers included for review.

Results demonstrated a focus on specific demographics, and use of family resilience with families living with specific health problems. Existing family resilience scales showed improved results in selected specific demographic groups, albeit in a reactive way. FRAIT has originality within the literature as it is used in a universal, preventative way with all families regardless of demographic or health issues. There is evidence to show that using a family resilience program in this way has originality and implications for the physical and mental health of children and young people.

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