A new sequential injection analysis-capillary electrophoresis system with amperometric detection

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A novel and fully automated sequential injection analysis manifold coupled to a capillary electrophoresis apparatus with amperometric detection, is described. The sequential injection manifold was isolated from the high voltage by inserting an air plug into the circuit. Small buffer reservoirs were used to avoid the need to pump fresh buffer to the interface during the electrophoretic separation. No decoupling device was used to mitigate the interference from the high voltage electric field, instead the potential shift induced by the separation voltage, was accounted for. The new hydrodynamic injection method presented is based on the overpressure created in the circuit when a pinch valve is closed for a predetermined time. The injection method yields relative standard deviation (RSD) values of peak height and area below 2.55% and 1.82% respectively, at different durations of valve closure (n=5). The capillary and working electrode alignment was achieved by adapting a commercial available capillary union. When the electrode was replaced, the alignment method proved to be very reliable, yielding RSD values of peak height and area lower than 2.64% and 2.08% respectively (n=8). Using this system with a gold microelectrode, dopamine and epinephrine could be quantified within the concentration range of 1-500 µM and detected at a concentration of 0.3 µM. The methods here presented could be applied for the development of new capillary electrophoresis systems with amperometric detection and/or to the design of fully automated systems for online process monitoring purposes.
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Dyddiad ar-lein cynnar27 Ebr 2018
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 1 Gorff 2018

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