A New Presence-Learning Tool to Enhance the Learning Experience

Fiona Carroll, John Robinson, C. Woodward

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This paper describes the early stages in the development of a ‘Presence-Learning’ tool to enhance the learning experiences of students currently studying on an online MOODLE virtual learning environment (VLE). The main focus is on the concept of ‘Presence’ and how this can be integrated into the design of a Moodle VLE and particularly a web 2.0 chat tool in order to further engage and motivate students to learn and enjoy their e-learning experience. For this paper, the authors will analyse students experiences on the existing TRIO course (i.e. TRIO learning place) and in doing so will highlight the need for a chat tool to be inclusive (i.e. accessible from any page of the Moodle VLE course) and to recognize real-time ‘presence’ (i.e. who is online and present at any one time). At this early stage, current thoughts and preliminary results will be reported which will explore the rationale, the design and the development of the ‘Presence-learning’ tool. This paper will discuss a learner centred approach and will be of particular interest to practitioners and researchers in the fields of e-learning, HCI and Presence.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 1 Ion 2008
Digwyddiad HCI workshop for Technology Enhanced Learning - John Moore University
Hyd: 1 Medi 20081 Medi 2008


Cynhadledd HCI workshop for Technology Enhanced Learning

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