A consensus approach to understand the support needs of women to participate in breast screening in Wales

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Breast screening is an effective way to improve early detection of breast cancer and reduce mortality. However, low uptake of screening has been reported.


Commissioned by the GP cluster in Newport West, Wales, this research explored the support needs of women residing in the area to participate in breast screening.


Group Concept Mapping, a structured participatory consensus approach, was used. Participants were recruited from women eligible but not necessarily attending screening. Data collection involved brainstorming to generate statements, sorting statements into themed categories; rating statements for perceived importance and accessibility (easy to get).


Thirty-seven participants from seven ethnic groups participated. Sixty-three statements (items of support) were generated and sorted into seven conceptually similar clusters (themes) regarding trust and respect, experience, accessibility, practical support, cultural diversity; tailored information, and awareness. The ‘Trusting that I will be respected’ cluster was rated most important, while the ‘Practical support’ cluster was rated lest accessible. Disparity between responses was found based on ethnicity, language, disability, and screening attendance.


The findings can inform the development of local interventions to facilitate women’s decision-making about breast screening by providing relevant support to help women access screening. An understanding of what support works for whom, in what circumstances, and in what context is needed, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

Take Home Message for Practice

Gaining the views from diverse women, especially those who do not speak English, remains important in developing services for an ethnically diverse population
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Cynhadledd28th WONCA European Conference
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