A comparison of tourist evaluation of beaches in malta, romania and turkey

Frederick Blakemore*, Allan T. Williams, Allan T. Williams, Claudia Coman, Anton Micallef, Ozlem Unal

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    The characteristics, perceptions, attitudes and behaviour of beach users at three locations: St George's Bay, Malta, Mamaia, Romania and Olu Deniz, Turkey, were determined from questionnaire surveys. Respondents comprised locals, domestic and foreign tourists. Results for these parameters had substantial agreement both across the three beaches and with previous studies. The amounts beach users were willing to pay (WTP), via the contingent valuation method and their consumer surpluses (CS), via the travel cost method were determined. The average amount beach users were willing to pay per visit, was £0.64 on St George's bay, £0.32 on Mamaia and £0.94 on Olu Deniz. The willingness to pay varied with social class, earnings, amount of beach use and between local, domestic and foreign user groups. The consumer surplus also varied for these groups as British tourists had a CS of £0.62 per visit, with domestic Turkish and Romanian users having values of £0.46 and £0.69, respectively. Diminishing marginal utility, as measured by WTP, with beach use was found in all three surveys. Charging for actual use would be acceptable for the majority of beach users. Coastal zone managers could realise significant revenues from beach users if they charge adults on a per visit basis (the favoured mode of payment) and spend the revenue on the maintenance and improvements identified by the users. Only one of the beaches (Olu Deniz, Turkey) currently has restricted access, which would facilitate such a payment method.

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    CyfnodolynWorld Leisure Journal
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    StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 1 Ion 2002

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