A Commitment to Accessible Pedagogical Provision: Student Reflections

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This presentation reviews the results of an ongoing research project which seeks the reflections of USW Creative and Therapeutic Arts students on the Course Team’s increased commitment to accessibility considerations in the academic year 2019-2020. This included embedding Panopto lecture capture across the programme; ensuring all documentation was presented on off-white backgrounds and with thorough punctuation to signal awareness of and commitment to the learning preferences of students with dyslexia and those accessing screen reader software; exceeding USW VLE minimum requirements; and provision of an audio-visual versions of the course documentation to enable access to core documentation in a media other than the privileged written form (Hehir, 2002; Hutcheon and Wolbring, 2012).
A mixed-methods, online questionnaire was delivered to the students after securing Faculty Ethics Permission. Quantitative findings around students’ awareness of the approach and engagement with the newly embedded provision will be presented through simple descriptive statistics and contextualised in evidence-based discussion. Responses to open, qualitative questions around students’ perceptions and beliefs about accessibility on the course will be reviewed through a Thematic Analysis (Braun and Clarke, 2006).
The project represents a simplistic approach, arguably one that is already legally required, according to the Equality Act (2010) and best practice principles according to Universal Design for Learning in Learning and Teaching (Martin et al., 2019). The challenges and advantages of making a firm commitment to these aspects of accessibility will be critically reflected upon. It is hoped that the invitation to students to share their own insights on how USW could further improve accessibility will provide opportunities for working in partnership with students to embrace inclusivity, in line with the USW 2030 Strategy’s intention to: “Be flexible and agile, embracing change and promoting equality and inclusion in all that we do”.


CynhadleddUniversity of South Wales Learning and Teaching Conference 2020
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