UWE McMullen Disability Prize for Paper on "Music Therapy, Neuro-Disability and Self Identity"

Gwobr: Gwobr (gan gynnwys medalau a gwobrau)



The submission, whether related to written work or to a practice situation, should demonstrate the following essential criteria:

1. a recognition of the social barriers and negative attitudes that are disabling to people who have impairments, including the existence of these barriers in many health, social care, and other agencies;

2. an awareness of the difference between disability (as defined by the social model) and impairment;

In addition, the Panel will also look for some or all of the following in the submitted work:

3. an articulation of how professional practice can:

• reduce social barriers and negative attitudes,
• enhance the disabled person’s control over his or her own life,
• show ways in which effective work can be carried out in partnership with the disabled person;

4. an understanding of the impact and social consequences of impairment;

5. where appropriate a reflective account of how this piece of work might influence future practice.

The Panel reserves the right not to award a Prize if, from the nominations received, none sufficiently meets the specified criteria.

Graddau amlygrwyddLleol
Sefydliadau CymeradwyoDepartment of Allied Health Professions, University of the West of England

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