Hydra Critical Incident Research and Innovation Group

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The new Hydra Research Centre will become the Centre of Excellence for all Hydra Research.

Hydra methodology has existed since 1989. However, it is an under-researched area. 

Whilst Hydra has traditionally been used for predominantly police and emergency services, there is a broader value in its application across a range of activities within public and other correlative organisations including private enterprise and subsequent research opportunities that will arise. 

The Centre has the potential to provide new avenues of research related to decision making and outcomes to support organisational development.

We want our research to help organisations deliver on their ambitions, improving organisations and the lives of those they interact with. 

Research themes

  • Critical decision making (cross organisations)
  • Culturally sensitive leadership and practice

Goals and priorities

  • To build research capacity disciplinary and interdisciplinary
  • To create impact through applying quality research methodologies to make real world differences.
  • To maximise the opportunities to develop global research.
  • To work in partnership with other institutions national and international.
  • To become the lead on innovative immersive research.  
  • To ensure research is timely and relevant and can be applied in the field.
  • To effectively communicate the results of research to relevant bodies showing leadership and influence in research to relevant bodies
  • To build a financially stable platform to sustain and grow world leading research and innovation. 


Claire Parmenter

Jackie Roberts

Nodau Datblygu Cynaliadwy y CU

Yn 2015, cytunodd gwladwriaethau sy’n aelodau'r Cenhedloedd Unedig ar 17 o Nodau Datblygu Cynaliadwy (NDC) byd-eang i ddod â thlodi i ben, diogelu’r blaned a sicrhau ffyniant i bawb. Mae ein gwaith yn cyfrannu at y NDC canlynol:

  • NDC 3 - Iechyd a Llesiant Da
  • NDC 4 - Addysg o Ansawdd
  • NDC 5 - Cydraddoldeb Rhywiol
  • NDC 8 - Gwaith Teilwng a Thwf Economaidd
  • NDC 16 - Heddwch, Cyfiawnder a Sefydliadau Cadarn

Cydweithrediadau a’r prif feysydd ymchwil yn ystod y pum mlynedd ddiwethaf

Cydweithrediad allanol yn ddiweddar ar lefel gwlad/tiriogaeth. Plymiwch i mewn i'r manylion drwy glicio ar y dotiau neu