A Tangled Web

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"A Tangled Web" is a photographic artwork by MA Photography student Vivian Collis (UWTSD Swansea College of Art). "Employing archival material, documentary photography, weaving, site rubbings, video, sound and performance, A Tangled Web, links a hidden history to modern day practices. Referencing our unspoken links to slavery, the work focuses on the production of a rough plain woollen cloth produced in mid-Wales and exported in vast quantities to the West Indies from the mid1600’s to the early 1800’s." (Artist's statement for the MA Contemporary Dialogues Exhibition, Swansea, May 2023)

How did your research contribute?

This draws directly upon research presented in Chris Evans, Slave Wales: The Welsh and Atlantic Slavery, 1650-1850 (UWP, 2010).
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