Shaping a new strategy for the youth sector

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    Following the first steps taken during the consultative meeting held on 15 and 16 May 2018, during which representatives of the Council of Europe youth sector’s major stakeholders debated and reflected on the content of a new strategy for 2020 to 2030, work will today start on drafting the strategy itself.

    Members of the European Steering Committee for Youth, the Advisory Council on Youth, the European Youth Forum, as well as experts in youth policy and strategy development will sit down with members of the Youth Department’s and the Directorate of Internal Oversight’s secretariats to start elaborating a draft strategy 2030 for the Council of Europe youth sector.

    By building a theory of change for the youth sector (vision, mission, inputs and resources, thematic priorities, factors, conditions and context), the drafting group will encompass the various parameters of the future strategy in this theory, while ensuring the contents of the resulting strategy can be meaningfully evaluated. Possible key elements of the strategy 2030 will be defined, for example contents, context overview, key background reference documents, bibliography, etc. and the ensuing steps in the development process defined.

    Cyfnod6 Rhag 2018

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