National Teaching Fellowship 2018 - Miss Beth Pickard

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Beth Pickard’s passion for working with children and young people with additional learning needs is fuelled by personal and professional experience, which continues to underpin and motivate her work: challenging the dominant medical model of disability.

After four years of part and full-time teaching, she is now teaching and challenging perspectives across a wide range of courses and disciplines. Becoming a Course Leader has been a vehicle for sharing her passion and worldview with others, whether staff or students, and of developing curricula which embed an affirmative approach to disability and the arts through mutually-informing community collaborations that set the foundations for extracurricular and sustainable, alumni partnership.

Cyfnod30 Awst 2018

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Sylw ar y cyfryngau

  • TeitlNational Teaching Fellowship - Miss Beth Pickard
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    Enw cyfrwng / allfaHigher Education Academy
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    Dyddiad cyhoeddi30/08/18
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