Inclusive Theatre Production Collaborating with USW Students and 3 Local Special School

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ITV Wales News (TV) piece celebrating collabroation between Hijinx Inclusive Theatre Company, BA(Hons) Creative and Therapeutic Arts at the University of South Wales and participation from pupils from 3 local special schools. This project was funded by the Arts Council of Wales and culminated in a public facing theatre production and exhibition of art works at Wales Millennium Centre.

Interview with USW Course Leader, Beth Pickard; Hijinx Outreach Coordinator, Jon Kidd; and pupils from local special schools.

Cyfnod1 Rhag 2017

Cyfraniadau i’r wasg


Cyfraniadau i’r wasg

  • TeitlSecond Star to the Right: Inclusive theatre production updates the Peter Pan story with a diverse cast
    Graddau amlygrwyddCenedlaethol
    Enw cyfrwng / allfaITV Wales News
    Math y cyfrwngTeledu
    Hyd / Maint1 minute 50 second news piece
    Gwlad/TiriogaethY Deyrnas Unedig
    Dyddiad cyhoeddi1/12/17
    Cynhyrchydd / AwdurMike Griffiths
    UnigolionBeth Pickard


LleoliadWales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay, Y Deyrnas Unedig
Cyfnod28 Tach 2017 → 12 Rhag 2017
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